CDL Practice Tests

Click on the Name of the CDL practice test below to open a PDF of that test. You can print the test, or save a copy on your computer.

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  1. General CDL Practice Tests
    General A
    General B
    General C
    General D
    General E
    General F
    General G
    General H
    General I
    General J
    General K        

  2. Air Brakes
    Air Brakes A
    Air Brakes B

  3. Combination
    Combination A
    Combination B
    Combination C

  4. Doubles & Triples
    Doubles & Triples A
    Doubles & Triples B
    Doubles & Triples C

  5. Hazardous Materials
    Haz-Mat A
    Haz-Mat B
    Haz-Mat C
    Haz-Mat D
    Haz-Mat E
    Haz-Mat F
    Haz-Mat G

  6. Tanker  
    Tanker A


For more information, here are a few links that may be useful:

Oregon Department of Transportation Commercial Driver License (CDL)
Washington Department of Transportation Commercial Diver License (CDL)
US Department of Transportation's website for Commercial Driver's License Program (CDL/CDLIS)


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